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You Are My World

When I look into your eyes,
I see a thousand stars in the sky.

You're the smile on my face,
My dreams and my hope.

When you hold me in your arms,
I can't resist your charms.

When my day is not okay,
You try to make me happy.

When I feel the weight of the world,
You're the one that I need.

You're my world, you're my life,
You are everything to me.

My darling, my love,
Will you always be mine?

Written by : Alon Calinao Dy


Look inside,
See what you see,
Deep black hole,
Inside the galaxy,
That is me,
No heart,
Not hot,
Just endless emptyness,
As far as the eye's can see.
Colin Bradley.

Love Wins as Fear Thins

Torture is not seeing the one whom you love
Whether mother, father, brother or sister
If a girl you have just started loving now
Her absence will cause to heart blister
To love and kindness, all Angels bow
As peace of mind, both can muster
A heart with no love is a veritable Hell
As short it will be in peace I now tell
To comfort all, use wisely love-petal
When loved ones turn away from us
The torture undergone will be severe
Their presence gives peace in surplus
Love has the Divine power to interfere

pillow talk

when you spoke
about sex
you always said
the pillow talk
afterwards was
your favorite part
you said you’d
love to be
with me and
share what was
in your heart

and as i think
of you now
i sometimes wonder
what you
might’ve said
had we ended
up in bed
now i guess that
i will never know
since i wanted
to be friends instead

Faith Elizabeth Brigham

forever yours

should the moon
retreat forever
behind a darkened sky
and all the stars
fall earthbound
without their
twinkling light
if the sun should
cease to rise
the smoke clouds go through the water pipe
their separate ways
and all the birds
no longer soar
i still will
not forget you
for, in all truth
i am forever yours

Faith Elizabeth Brigham


Im so excited,
Home ill be reunited,
My ute react's,
Dog's in the back,
Trailer full of supplie's,
2 am I'm alive,
Road will be mine,
1000km's to drive,
Not my first time,
Won't be my last time,
11 hr's I'll be tired,
My gate i'll arrive,
Daylight not on my side,
Tree's across my driveway,
Chainsaw on my back,
Cutting tree's off my track,
Drive up the track,
To my shack,
Can't hit the sack,
Wildlife in my shack,
Eviction is fact,

DARK (adult content)

loneliness & darkness come's in pairs,
Fuckoff anyone who care's,
Meaningless words have no power,
They are just like a shower,
Words dry off in a hour,
My heart has become sour,
I've become heartless,
For these feeling's I share,
A life im destine to bare,
Darkness I stare,
I nolonger care,
No love to share,
Don't want to strive,
For love inside,
Have no drive,
Plenty of pain in life,
Sitting in the dark,
Life sucked from my heart,
Heart has become dark,
Colin Bradley.


Millions of seed's,
I'll plant your need's,
One by one you will see,
I'll nuture your field of dream's,
Acre's of daisie's it will be,
Yellow & white as far as eye's could see,
Heaven's perfume you'll beleave,
Become'ing weak at the knee's,
Love you will receive,
Granting your fantacie's,
Tonight you'll be pleased,
On a bed of daisie's,
You'll sleep peacefully,
Pure harmony,
Your field's of dream's,
Amonst the blanket of flower's,
As the daisie's were gathered,


Gun in the hand,
Bullet in the chamber,
Death of a man.
Colin Bradley.

"The Filipino Flash" Nonito Donaire, Jr.

I remember when you started
Your professional boxing career.
You were an underdog and miscalculated
By a tough and undefeated Armenian boxer.

In a violent and brutal night,
You knocked "The Raging Bull" out
With a powerful "Flash" punch
That automatically ended the fight.

I remember how you finished "Cochulito" Montiel.
The boxing fans around the world could tell
How he'd developed an epileptic attack
After that payback.


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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.