DARK (adult content)

loneliness & darkness come's in pairs,
Fuckoff anyone who care's,
Meaningless words have no power,
They are just like a shower,
Words dry off in a hour,
My heart has become sour,
I've become heartless,
For these feeling's I share,
A life im destine to bare,
Darkness I stare,
I nolonger care,
No love to share,
Don't want to strive,
For love inside,
Have no drive,
Plenty of pain in life,
Sitting in the dark,
Life sucked from my heart,
Heart has become dark,
Colin Bradley.


He hit my sister,
My blood is boiling the animal wants to break out,
Family tells me to calm down don't get involved,
Only she can right the wrong,
My interference will back fire on me,
He & my sister visit my home,
Blood begins to boil animal wants to break out,
Memories of days when I was young,
A bullet his name would have been on,
Slowly calm down,
While cowardice slowly takes over me,
Time passes by,
Now just a distant memory,
He hit my sister,


A world that bleeds,
Hear those screams,
It's a world in need,
We need more good deeds,
From those who don't need.
While i dream,
Hear those screams,
From children in need,
Save us from those,
That are full of greed,
Greed steals from the need,
So lets steal from the greed
To feed the need,
I need to beleave,
For the children in need,
To stop those screams,
In my dreams.
I want wonderful dreams.
Colin Bradley

The Game

You fed my with fantasies,
That you have felt some posies
Though I know you are fooling.
I kept the game at steady pushing.

You drive me crazy, and sometime it gets lousy.
With your mind games and all daisies.
You melt me, like a twin popsies.

These words would mean nothing.
To you who have all and everything.
But trust me on this something.
With you, without you it’s still something.

Fake Friends

people that were suppose to be there
people that told you that they would be there till the end
friends that were never there
friends that you defended through thick and thin
i need help
but what about me
do i ever get to show you my story
is life simply just about your lifes storie
i thought life had millions of people that i was suppose to meet
i hoped i wpold not have to do this but.......
and i hope this long story will finally end

A Divine Image

A poem which makes me think...

From William Blake:

Cruelty has a human heart,
And Jealousy a human face;
Terror the human form divine,
And secrecy the human dress.

The human dress is forged iron,
The human form a fiery forge,
The human face a furnace seal'd,
The human heart its hungry gorge.



i never wanted to be a doctor or an electrician
neither a plumber or a paint or a politician
i never wanted to play sports or be a musician
the only difference between us i had ambition
i never wanted to be the person in ur position
i wanted to achieve things in my life get recognition
ya a amateur living in the second diversion
doing all the hard work on a poxy commission
taking all the risk giving the Feds ammunition
going before the judge being sent to prison
cant doing nothing unless ya have permission
every thing ya do has got a new condition
every night if ya listen someone will be getting molested

I feel

I feel hurt
I feel sad
I feel mad
I feel anger
I feel hopeless I feel faithless
I have hand's but can't I can't feel the them I ask
I have ear's I ask why i can here but can't feel I still can here

I have eye's I can see I can see I can see thing that other people can't see I ask my self over in over I ask them but they don't relpy. They say they love me than they are gone I can't feel them but in a moment i can feel them upon me than it's gone.

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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.