Manny Pacquiao by Alon Calinao Dy

As a young boy,
He lived in extreme poverty
And worked as a construction boy.
Even though there were no foods to offer
On the table and being a boxer
Was the only way to feed his family,
He never lost his faith in God Almighty.
Not a single day he missed to pray.
Until one day,
He discovered his special gifts.

In the sport of boxing today,
He's a pound-for-pound king.
Within the ring,
People called him 'The Beast'
'Cause many boxing legends had tried their best
As they'd promised to defeat 'The Beast.'
But none of them came to close.
By his powerful hands and blind speeds,
they'd suffered the shocking loss.

Manny Pacquiao is an all-time-great,
A philanthropist,
'The Nation's Fist, '
'The Fighting Pride of the Philippines, '
'The Fighting Congressman, '
The 'Pac-Man, '
'The Mexicutioner, '
'The Destroyer, '
An actor,
A singer,
A prizefighter,
A 'Fighter of the Decade, '
And an eight-division world champion.
He is my pride!

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by mvvenkataraman on Sat, 24/11/2012 - 07:27

Damn lovely and truly inspiring
Your poetry gives a fine story
You have great talents dear
I love this admiring poetry.


Alon Calinao Dy's picture

by Alon Calinao Dy on Mon, 10/12/2012 - 15:54

Thank you for your wonderful comment...Take care!

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