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Love Wins as Fear Thins

Torture is not seeing the one whom you love
Whether mother, father, brother or sister
If a girl you have just started loving now
Her absence will cause to heart blister
To love and kindness, all Angels bow
As peace of mind, both can muster
A heart with no love is a veritable Hell
As short it will be in peace I now tell
To comfort all, use wisely love-petal
When loved ones turn away from us
The torture undergone will be severe
Their presence gives peace in surplus
Love has the Divine power to interfere

A Poet Emerges, In Joy My Soul Submerges

Dear Colin Bradley,

You are giving great glee
Always do it is my only plea

Your poems I will specially read
Such a write is my present need

My dear, may God bless you
You are great in my view

I will take special time
To enjoy your nice rhyme

I appreciate your enthusiasm
It gives my mind true optimism

Please contribute more and more
To widely open Heaven's door

I will go through all your poetry
You supply fruits like a tree


My Dear Earthly Souls,

Happiness lies in helping others
By treating like sisters and brothers

If we make other lives memorable
Heaven makes our joy double

When to help our hands are extended
Then Angels are by us finely befriended

If we sympathize and offer assistance
We gain over our worries real resistance

When we encourage to give courage
Our problems, God decides to manage

If we render a kind act without expectation
We superbly strengthen our reputation

Needed Peace, A Relative will Give

A relative will always be a true member
Our presence, he will always remember

He may not give money, but will give love
He is always ready to pray for us now

When our health is low, he will come to see
For our sake, to God He will make a plea

He will feel elated by our lovely elevation
All our success will give him jubilation

Our hardship when comes to his knowledge
He will break all walls building a saving bridge

He will visit us and not ignore us at any cost
He will stay with us to assist unto the last

Reply to a Mother-Message from a Sage

Your mother message is incomparable
To a mother only, everything is possible
God through mother is very easily visible
A mother's approach is always sensible

She knows what is to the child suitable
Whatever she does will be delectable
She will save her children from trouble
She only will make the pleasure double

Anything from the child is to her acceptable
She only will make father highly respectable
For family management, she is responsible
In mental stamina, she is really indefatigable

Dear Madam,

35 years of glorious service is very great
Your mind, your calligraphy does state
Good salary is there to finely compensate
And your knowledge is highly up-to-date

Your talent to extricate all from a mess
Is the main quality that you possess
For reparation all come to your address
You also innocently and kindly bless

Your daughter will surely get MBA-admission
If she works hard with a really true mission
To study further, you have given her permission
She must have got from you determination

Find Love in God's Kind Mind

God's love is the purest and holiest
To save all of us, He is damn earnest

God will function with great brain
He will confer a gain or severe pain

He will analyze deeply every action
And offer punishment or protection

He can never be just like that viewed
All the souls are by Him interviewed

He chases them like shade following
Every intention, He is surely knowing

A fool thinks that he is very intelligent
He knows not that God is very vigilant

She Cures Me, When I Feel Gloomy

Dear, as you are there
My soul is feeling glad
Your presence is helping
To cope with distress

Your kind looks and touch
Are healing my wounds
Caused by many incidents
During day-today living

You will go away I know
Permanently after end
In case I happen to leave
I will await your arrival

If you book the ticket
For a journey to the Sky
Surely reserve a place
When I reach you later

Love will Uplift Soul Somehow

Love can bring an extraordinary feat
As it has the power to surely heal
A woman can make a man great
By her love shown with dedication

If a woman consistently offers love
That man whom she concentrates
Will reach great heights definitely
As her backing gives him real zest

A man with no girl to support may
Develop in life no enthusiasm at all
As a result, he may be a sure flop
As his schemes will lack beauty

Our Brother will Kindly Bother

Our Dearest Brother,

Your absence is by us all felt
As you use kindness-belt
Making life never difficult
As you help us consult

In each and every function
Your love, you did sanction
You reduced our tension
Your part, I must mention

A kind smile you ever wear
Others' burden, you bear
Your mind is always fair
You show maximum care

Your presence is a real boost
You alone never at all boast
You help all joyfully at any cost
Your heart is like the Sky vast


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