Needed Peace, A Relative will Give

A relative will always be a true member
Our presence, he will always remember

He may not give money, but will give love
He is always ready to pray for us now

When our health is low, he will come to see
For our sake, to God He will make a plea

He will feel elated by our lovely elevation
All our success will give him jubilation

Our hardship when comes to his knowledge
He will break all walls building a saving bridge

He will visit us and not ignore us at any cost
He will stay with us to assist unto the last

He will never slander our name by gossiping
All our potential, a true relative will be tapping

Our tears will cut his heart giving deep agony
He will get true bliss when our life is sunny

During loss, he will stay, during joy, he will pray
When sorrow submerges us, he will show a way

A relative is God's gift, our life he will surely uplift
From sorrow to bliss, he will help us easily shift.


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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.