We Include She and Me

I am unable to see her at all
For her beauty I will ever fall
When her eyes give a call
True peace, her looks install

My heart is by her beauty filled
My mind is by her grace tilled
My worry is by her touch killed
Holy feelings are by her instilled

In her face, smile always resides
All her love, she tactfully hides
Great temptation, she provides
Love for me, her vision confides

Whenever she gives a kind glance
My body and soul joyfully dance
To kiss her cheeks when I advance
She feels shy denying me a chance

My deep love for her, how to express?
Her heart and mind, how to impress?
Her full ownership, how to possess?
Her love for me, how to now assess?

If anyone can give me guidance
I will pray for you to get dividends
My love-agony, he who now ends
Via my prayer to Heaven ascends



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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.