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A few hours have passed. with out you in my glass,
Co'z phone is not ringing, and I dont feel like singing.
I missing you already, thinking of what your doing.
I know your going to thee, Oh shit i just wanna hit my head on a beam.

I hate it when I knew what I've gotten my self into
though I know i have to go through
This is just the first part, of us being apart.
Ohh, Darn it really tears me apart.

I know the feeling was kinda strong.
Even though somehow it felt so wrong.
I can't keep my head intact, blinding my self to see the facts
That loving you is wrong, But still I wish we could go on.

I never really knew what I got myself into.
We never really do understand, we didn't even have a clue.
Thought these days will feel so sad, and it feels really bad
I know I got to be strong, focus and move on.

Not knowing if your coming back,
Or if you will just give me a heart attack
In case, I still wrote this poem.
To you from my heart were you belong.

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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.