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ur soft gentle lips
against mine whom are awaiting
seperated by the fear of our lies
ur slight eagerness
moves in on my hesitations
closing the space between our lips
our lips bond as one
rather then individuals set apart

ur tender lips caress mine
with passion and love
our bodies against one another
ur flawless body on mine
ur warm breath against my cheek
ur tongue exploring mine
our wholeness is the result of one
the undeniable love held for one another

The Glass Heart

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A glass heart
so fragile and frail
while the slightest touch
can send it a sail
A wonder.. a thought
interjects in my mind
ur loves knife stabs from behind

ur golden dagger
a deadly sharp sting
into my heart
such a delicate thing

It peirces my chest
with such a heavy blow
and rips violently back out
when u say hello

Dont mess with my glass heart
it breaks like swells among the water
stop saying i love you
it only makes things harder

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