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Give me your heart
I will give you my loving hands to hold it
Give me your time
I will give you endless hours uninterrupted
Give me your body
I will give you my vessel to sail upon
Give me your trust
I will give you honesty
Give me your mind
I will give you knowledge to my passions
Give me your soul
I will give you constant euphoria
Give me your love
I will give you mine

A Teen's Lament

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You want me to make good decisions;
I do. Sometimes my choices
Aren’t always in line with yours, but
That doesn’t mean I am not capable.
You say you’re afraid I’ll make mistakes.
I know I’ll make my share, more than a few,
But then how else will I succeed
Without trial and error and freedom to learn.
You think I need more control;
What I really need is your support.
You’ve taught me to think and act for myself;
Now you need to trust me.
What appears to be all about this teen?
Is also about you as my parent;

Set Me Free

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I lived without your love
But now I can't get enough
Forever a memory
For now and every day's destiny
I want you near
Without you I can't face the fear
I'm lonely and in need
And my only can set me free

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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.