Conversation of Heat and Mind.

Mind: How are you Heart. It’s been trying s awhile since we last talk.
Heart: You know me at the moment. I’m still hurt. I have been trying so hard to push her away.
Mind: You know you needed time right.
Heart: I know…
Mind: So why have a heard time..
Heart: Because I still feel something for her.


When you catch me looking at your eyes
Don’t say a thing, just wait for the sun to rise
I tried my best to ignore this
But in my heart, I don’t have the peace

I tried not to show you my feeling
Loving you, I know, is the most stupid thing
I want to keep the friendship we have
You promised, nothing will just more than of that

Even you’re there, I felt I am a loner
If I admit, I know you’re going to leave me sooner
It’s very hard, but I sacrificed it all
So that in me, you’re not going to fall

Friends Just like no other

I walk pass your door,
As I hear your phone roar.
Seeing how we have grown,
Made me feel that I am blessed with so much more.

Never have I found,
Friends like you were I am not bound.
To have you both,
Is such a serene sound
And though I know thy world must go on.
I love you friends and wish you all the more.

Wish all the blessings would ponder
At your doorstep unlike any other.
Food, cash, jobs just like no other.
Co’z I know you guys always deserve each other.

Forever True

I could not argue with you.
Co’z your love is blinding you.
But trust me this is true
The man is really not true to you.

Wish I could have told you the truth.
So you will not be left without a clue.
The reason why I’m blue,
Is because I care for you.

I wish to have told you the truth.
My friend this guys is just a fluke.
Wish I have the means to give you what he took.
Though I know I might puke.


im a real friend if i dont give up

family treating you wrong man thats messed up
dont give into there insecurities for the least
god is a man who will deal with them
jus pray and let it stay with him

im a real friend if i dont walk away

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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.