Love Wins as Fear Thins

Torture is not seeing the one whom you love
Whether mother, father, brother or sister
If a girl you have just started loving now
Her absence will cause to heart blister
To love and kindness, all Angels bow
As peace of mind, both can muster
A heart with no love is a veritable Hell
As short it will be in peace I now tell
To comfort all, use wisely love-petal
When loved ones turn away from us
The torture undergone will be severe
Their presence gives peace in surplus
Love has the Divine power to interfere

forever yours

should the moon
retreat forever
behind a darkened sky
and all the stars
fall earthbound
without their
twinkling light
if the sun should
cease to rise
the clouds go
their separate ways
and all the birds
no longer soar
i still will
not forget you
for, in all truth
i am forever yours

Faith Elizabeth Brigham


Im so excited,
Home ill be reunited,
My ute react's,
Dog's in the back,
Trailer full of supplie's,
2 am I'm alive,
Road will be mine,
1000km's to drive,
Not my first time,
Won't be my last time,
11 hr's I'll be tired,
My gate i'll arrive,
Daylight not on my side,
Tree's across my driveway,
Chainsaw on my back,
Cutting tree's off my track,
Drive up the track,
To my shack,
Can't hit the sack,
Wildlife in my shack,
Eviction is fact,


Home of paradise,
Shack of character,
to love this indeed,
Character you need.
Trees as far as i can see,
A view indeed,
Look at the top of the trees,
They reach the clouds they need,
Enougher world you will see,
Creatures you won't beleave,
Beauty you will see.
Fire supplies warmth,
Wood is the source.
Sun supplies power,
Also for a warm shower.
Batterie's store the power,
For the days it rain's.
Cloud's supply rain,
Fill the tank's main,
Sunrise bird's singing,


Up in the tree,
A kookabarra i see,
A picture i need,
To show my family.
So I climb the tree,
That big bloody tree,
Im close to he,
Ready to take that picture i need.
He is looking at me,
My foot slips,
In the tree,
Out of the tree,
Falling free,
Collecting every limb,
In that bloody tree.
Hitting the ground,
On my back at the bottom,
Of that bloody tree,
With the kookarbarra,
Looking at me.
Hearing him laugh,
With so much glee,


Awoken by sounds of claws
Scratching at my door
A noise i cant ignore
So i open my door
Im in awe
To see big red at my door
Standing at least 7ft tall
With shoulders so broad
Paws that could punch holes through my door
My fear i cant ignore
That big red could knock me out with his paw
Big red dosent fear me at all
Because i look so small
I stand there in awe
So glad when he hops away from my door
Colin Bradley


Save me from my 4 sisters

I need assistance

Because of their consistance

They dismiss me from a distance

I need some resistance

Because they are mischiefs

My sisters are bitches

Im glad i dont live with the bitches

They are real witches

I should throw them in the ditches

To burn them like witches

Then bury those witches

Just kidding

I love my sisters

They are not bitches or witches
Colin Bradley.


Sitting in front of the fire tonight,
Wondering what excitement happens tonight,
Watching my dogs through the night,
Knowing their looking for a fight,
Admiring the quite through the night,
All of a sudden a small dark shadow appears in the night &
I notice the shadow has spikes,
As the spikes appear it becomes clear,
That a echidna has appeared in the night,
Watching the echidna wonder through the night,
All of a sudden my dogs want to fight the echidna tonight,
As my dogs bite down on the echidna tight,


Living in the bush is so right,
Because the nights are quite,
Watching the fire burn so bright &
The stars are sparkling bright,
Listening to the koalas of a night,
Calling for a partner all night,
Calling so load sounding so proud,
Here comes their partner for tonight,
The koala climbs the tree,
To meet his partner to be,
Tonight they will conceive,
So soon their be new life &
Next season a new koala will be calling of a night,
This beauty of nature ive just seen,


Long blonde tresses
framing her lovely face,
like a floating cloud,
gloriously streaming
over her shoulders.
She darts about
graceful as a gazelle,
tall and straight,
lithe and lissome,
a vision of loveliness!


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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.