“the note”

“the note”
I found myself falling for this man who was so beautiful and sweet to me when we were alone, but it never seemed to move anywhere beyond my bed.
I misinterpreted his actions for emotions and see now that I don’t think I meant anything to him. He made love to me then walked away – time and time again.
Eventually I had to admit the truth I knew all along. That he was using me and never would feel for me what I was feeling for him.

Our Brother will Kindly Bother

Our Dearest Brother,

Your absence is by us all felt
As you use kindness-belt
Making life never difficult
As you help us consult

In each and every function
Your love, you did sanction
You reduced our tension
Your part, I must mention

A kind smile you ever wear
Others' burden, you bear
Your mind is always fair
You show maximum care

Your presence is a real boost
You alone never at all boast
You help all joyfully at any cost
Your heart is like the Sky vast

We Include She and Me

I am unable to see her at all
For her beauty I will ever fall
When her eyes give a call
True peace, her looks install

My heart is by her beauty filled
My mind is by her grace tilled
My worry is by her touch killed
Holy feelings are by her instilled

In her face, smile always resides
All her love, she tactfully hides
Great temptation, she provides
Love for me, her vision confides

Not Stop

If we ever meet again...
I would want to kiss you
and not stop
I would let one thing lead to another
and not stop
I would let you lay your hands upon my skin
and not stop
I would want to pull you close,
as close as two people can be
and not stop
I would want us to make love, you and me
and never, ever stop...

When Our Eyes Meet

When our eyes meet,
I get butterflies,
My heart races.
I start to shake.
When our eyes meet,
They look loving
Like I'm the only one in the world
When our eyes meet,
I could crumble in your arms.
You could have my heart, and never let go.
When our eyes meet,
I never want to stray away from your gaze.

Touch my hand

Touch my hand & kiss my lips
Hold me close, embrace me tight
Make love to me all through the night
Stroke my my hair & then my face
Kiss my skin - be my escape
Give me back the passion that I've so missed...
Touch my hand & kiss my lips

*NOTE: this poem is an original and copyrighted to me.
It has been published.
Yes I am quite proud of this!! :-)

A Moment

I've always asked myself this question over and over. Of "what" would I say, what would I do. If given one more moment with you.
I could whisper to you of how much I honestly love you, of how much I've missed you, want you and need you.
I've thought of kissing your soft lips while gently caressing your beautiful face.
As I stare into your memorable loving eyes.
With all the thoughts, of all the ideas of "what" I would do, what would I say.If given one more moment with you.
I'd close my eyes, hold you close and tight, us,neither speaking a word.

Cage of Solitude

I am in the cage of solitude
I can’t breathe, I can’t move
I am alone and nobody hears
My screams, shouts and tears

I saw him walking away from me
I am confused, I feel empty
How will I get out of here?
How will I hold him near?

Out of the blue, he is gone
I can’t find him, I wish to run
I induce myself that he can still hear me
But stillness occur; tears flow suddenly

Sanguine Ode of a Cynical Lass

You left; that was a year ago
Knowing no reason why but still, you go
I cannot coerce you to stay
You’re not blissful with me, what more can I say

Moving on is not that very easy
I cried since you left, that’s a melancholy
I have waited, if you’re going back
I’ve been longing for you; censure fact

Yes, that was a year ago
But still, I love you so
Seeing you with another girl
Is a feeling that I’m starting to fail

Muesli Platter

Coming out of my lethargy
Feeling all drowsy and confused
Wondering when did this bowl of muesli
Get to my table

Put some milk in it or stir some yoghurt
My heart is torn inside
My mind a wobbled casket
Cannot contain anything at this moment

As the greater one said my trust is in the Lord
I lift mine eyes towards the heavens
And I feel no answer for me coming
I say hope deferred is cantankerous


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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.