Love Poems

My poem to my German Wife

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I sit there in class
Reading German fast
And I turn around to see
A beautiful girl behind me

Her name begins with L
And it rings like a bell
What i love about my life
Is speaking German with my wife.

I Define Fine Love Now

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Love alone will win, So to love now begin.

When love is lost, Peace does not last.

When love is true, Peace and bliss accrue.

Love is the only remedy, For every tragedy.

If love is false, Tears come like falls.

When a lover cheats, Severe sorrow greets.

Love will never fail, Surely it will bail.

When love is not responded, Soul is wounded.

Love is a tonic, Unavailable in doctor’s clinic.

Love alone is eternal, No love makes mood infernal.


The Glass Heart

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A glass heart
so fragile and frail
while the slightest touch
can send it a sail
A wonder.. a thought
interjects in my mind
ur loves knife stabs from behind

ur golden dagger
a deadly sharp sting
into my heart
such a delicate thing

It peirces my chest
with such a heavy blow
and rips violently back out
when u say hello

Dont mess with my glass heart
it breaks like swells among the water
stop saying i love you
it only makes things harder

Muesli Platter

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Coming out of my lethargy
Feeling all drowsy and confused
Wondering when did this bowl of muesli
Get to my table

Put some milk in it or stir some yoghurt
My heart is torn inside
My mind a wobbled casket
Cannot contain anything at this moment

As the greater one said my trust is in the Lord
I lift mine eyes towards the heavens
And I feel no answer for me coming
I say hope deferred is cantankerous

Just To Be Happy

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Just to be happy is all I need
no dreams of ambition or desire to deceive.

Just to be happy with you by my side
with love in my heart and peace in my mind.

Just to be happy in your warm embrace
no need to be cool or win any race.

Just to be happy no grey skies above
the sun always shining down on our love.

Just to be happy my whole life through
knowing I am loved by someone like you.

Friends Just like no other

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I walk pass your door,
As I hear your phone roar.
Seeing how we have grown,
Made me feel that I am blessed with so much more.

Never have I found,
Friends like you were I am not bound.
To have you both,
Is such a serene sound
And though I know thy world must go on.
I love you friends and wish you all the more.

Wish all the blessings would ponder
At your doorstep unlike any other.
Food, cash, jobs just like no other.
Co’z I know you guys always deserve each other.


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A few hours have passed. with out you in my glass,
Co'z phone is not ringing, and I dont feel like singing.
I missing you already, thinking of what your doing.
I know your going to thee, Oh shit i just wanna hit my head on a beam.

I hate it when I knew what I've gotten my self into
though I know i have to go through
This is just the first part, of us being apart.
Ohh, Darn it really tears me apart.


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A Tiny wave,
Feeling sad...
Being despair, shedding tears, hates to be called as a part of ocean...

A Tiny wave,
Running fast...
Reaching the shore, wanting to touch the sky with her whole emotion..

A Tiny wave,
With dreamy eyes...
Wants to explore, discover unknown, denying all the caution...

A Tiny wave,
Trying hard....
Jumping high with all her strength to reach her extreme imagination....

Special For U My Life and Husband S.A

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The man i love is always there to heal my scars and show he cares.
the man i love is more than a man, hes the one thats my biggest fan.
the man i love, has a loving heart, and the one who's loved me from the start.
the man i love is the only one i can show, that my love is for him and i never want to let go.
the man i love is tender sweet, the only kiss of happiness my lips shall ever meet.
and as the man i love and i lay down and our eyes meet, ill remember this is the only man with whom ill go to sleep>

Words to you

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I will never forget you
Not your smile, not your hands,
I can’t really believe that
It is our end.

My feelings were strong enough
For two of us to love,
And my heart is crying
With the pain now.

Seeing you, feeling you
Meant so much more to me,
Now with all our past
I need to learn to believe…

Believe again in truth,
In happiness, in sun,
In tenderness and understanding,
In real, pure love.


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