You Are My World

When I look into your eyes,
I see a thousand stars in the sky.

You're the smile on my face,
My dreams and my hope.

When you hold me in your arms,
I can't resist your charms.

When my day is not okay,
You try to make me happy.

When I feel the weight of the world,
You're the one that I need.

You're my world, you're my life,
You are everything to me.

My darling, my love,
Will you always be mine?

Written by : Alon Calinao Dy


Millions of seed's,
I'll plant your need's,
One by one you will see,
I'll nuture your field of dream's,
Acre's of daisie's it will be,
Yellow & white as far as eye's could see,
Heaven's perfume you'll beleave,
Become'ing weak at the knee's,
Love you will receive,
Granting your fantacie's,
Tonight you'll be pleased,
On a bed of daisie's,
You'll sleep peacefully,
Pure harmony,
Your field's of dream's,
Amonst the blanket of flower's,
As the daisie's were gathered,


We sit in the moonlight,
Talk all night,
Explore'ing each others mind,
Till the morning sunrise,
Hold each other tight,
I'll never leave your side,
Feel secure inside,
Forever you'll be mine,
Dance above cloud nine,
High above the sky,
In the moonlight,
Stars sparkle in your eye's,
Forever in time,
Loose myself in your eye's,
Overwelming emotions I can't hide,
Tears welt my eye's,
For true love i hold inside,
Your words hypnotize,
Mind body & soul I'm enticed,


Eye's glazed,
Life is hazed,
Wished to faze away,
Then you came my way,
Your name unkown,
Inside beauty known,
Words you have sown,
My mind you have blown,
In my soul you have flown,
Your poem im amazed,
The words you say,
Heart is a blaze,
My eye's star gaze,
With you i wish to drift away,
Garden of eden we will stay,
Outside beauty mystery,
Your heart so pure,
My heart you lurer,
Your words cure,
For you i'll endurer,
When life is impure,
Colin Bradley.


Red, Yellow, Green & Blue,

Colours of the rainbow are so true,

Your beauty is a view,

Nothing is as pure,

As the light that shines from you,


Colin Bradley.


Love is a


One stem

a man



Rose bud

a woman


the heart

of the family

Rose pedals


miracle of life

connect to the heart

Colin Bradley.


Your more beautiful
than any sunrise,
More beautiful
than the glistening sunlight,
More beautiful
than the bluest sky,
More beautiful
than the sunset,
More beautifull
than life,
More beautiful
than the star's
in the night sky,
More beautiful
than the moon
on a clear night,
More beautiful
than a angel
flying at night,
More beautiful
than the snow
covering the moutains,
More beautiful
than the snow flakes
falling on my face.
Colin Bradley.


Your love poems
are music to my heart,
They are pure art,
You have my heart,
How long will this last,
The same poem a 1000 times,
Still feel like the first time,
They have so much meaning,
Can't help my feelings,
Read your poems thinking,
My soul is lifting,
Heart is singing,
Eyes tearing,
My words im laying on so thick,
Your poems make me feel love sick.
Colin Bradley


Our lips meet,
For our first passionate kiss,
That kiss we can't miss,
It makes me weak at the knee's
My lips move around your neck,
Lips move to kiss that spot behind your ear,
My lips caress your breasts,
Moving further down towards your thigh's,
Kissing every inch of your soft skin,
So you'll feel the love from my lips,
Down to your thigh's,
I remove the panties from your behind,
Kissing all around your behind,
Sliding my tongue between your thigh's,
Twirling my tongue inside,

Григорий Комарицкий
"Посвящения молодоженам"

(Для тамады - распорядителя
свадебного торжества)
(Обращается к гостям)


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