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Nothing Left To Give

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Nothing Left to Give

No, I'm not ok
but I will be alright
I'm just stuck in this hole
Without love or light

Really its fine
Don't worry about me
I'm blinded by darkness now
but someday I will see

Please don't look at me that way
I'm just lost and confused
I just have to understand
that I am only here to be used

Don't pretend to like me
I know how you really feel
Don't say you love me
When you know it isn't real

Don't feel sorry for me
I don't need the shame
Really I will be alright
Once I learn to love the pain

I can't survive in this world without love
so I must to crawl back to my hole

When He Is Gone

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When he is gone all fairy tales are uncovered
Myths exposed
And pains magnified
The greatest pain discovered
You taught me this pain
But I am confused to see you leave
Was it not you!
Who said we would always be?
Was it not you who said you would never hurt me?
Nor leave me alone
Yet this is the greatest pain I have ever felt
Is the pain you taught me?
Darkness surrounds me
It hurts to see you go
I am alone again left with this pain
Then the stars fall
When he is gone so are the stars
And so is the perception of tomorrow
With him gone there is only me
To deal with my sorrows

A fairy Tale

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A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time…
With a twinkle in her eye….
She fell in love with a man…
A selfish and mean guy…
He told her that he loved her…
She believed it was true…
He really worked her over…
Left her soul black and blue…
She was really stupid…
Kept going back for more…
And each and everytime she did…
He knocked her to the floor…
He made her feel unworthy…
to be loved or held as dear…
He made her cry on purpose…
So he could laugh at her tears…
Her friends kept trying to tell her…
She would die if she did not leave…
But she loved him with all her heart…

1-1-1 A chien et A esclave-poem-cauchy3-bilingual-

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1-1-1 A Chien et A esclave-poeme-Cauchy3.

Je tacher de faire la employ dore.

Mais les acolytes habiter a les horoscopes.

Les acolytes et elle-male pour les sac sexe.

Je vais avoir de le amour de formellement.

Les mousses sont verte et toute la journee somber.

Est ce qui toute le fleure sont la pluie se tromper de jour.

Avoir de l’autorite sur les nuages et les pluies.

Les regles de les acolytes fair tout a rebours.

Avoir de l’inclinaison pour elle-male de les sac.

Les patte de les chats ou les oiseaus dans cages.

Vague de chaleur ou il fait froid .

Les rhumes de les ames sont prendre de les chiens.

1-1-1 A buzzards-cauchy3

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1-1-1 A buzzard-Cauchy3

Beautiful tombs, you are the buzzards!
For each path!
Watch waiting are bows and arrows!
Coffins are arcs and tablets are bows.

Bum for some buns.
Ask peacocks spot s blues.
As much as white and green!
Hawks are not waxes making.

Heats on suns are weaves from machines.
Doves are not blue specks.
Lunatic fringe and raven wall!
Specks of reds and odd long!

Up me from behinds!
Open to control
Your beautiful feathers!
Take the laws for politics.

Take and take as entertained.
Displayed like all are making!
All well done but are not nice jobs.
.Gains a flash of spot light!

I Only Want To Be With You

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I don't know what it is that makes me love you so
I only know I never want to let you go
'Cause you've started something, oh, can't you see
That ever since we met, you've had a hold on me?
It happens to be true
I only want to be with you

The whole ballroom was dim, lit only by a number of scented candles. He walked towards her, a gentle smile lighting up her face that tugged at the corners of her lips in a delightful way, a smile that never failed to take his breath away. He smiled back at her.

His eyes, warm and liquid-chocolate, looked at her as if she was the loveliest woman alive, the sweetest one, the only woman in this planet, his own heaven-on-earth. And as the music began to play, he took her in his arms, and whisked her away in the magic of the song, the song that always reminded her of that fateful night.

The Last Time

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Going to hold you so tight tonight
knowing, this is the last dance we`ll have
we`ll only have the forgotten memory
my feet cannot follow the waltz now.
Lost in thoughts, willing to fight.
Going to kiss you so tender tonight,
knowing, this is the last time...
Stop the time, the very moment;
so I can keep you forever.

Dreaming City...Cheese Moon...One Me...One You...

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There were no words to be spoken. With time standing still as you were lying on my lap, there were just you and me, my love, surrounded with obscure feelings connected us once, and led us surrender ourselves secretly to the night.


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It was obvious that he did not want her anymore.Obvious from his attitude. Struggling for nothing. It was like an empty chocolate box now. The sweet was gone but bitter was left. Not knowing the next minute drove him crazy. And then he saw a drop of tears on the floor.-She was proud, would never cry over a "guy" he thought.

Me and Him

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His face was full of wrinkles...When I touched them, I traveled through life. I studied every little line on his hands; feeling them completely on the tip of my smooth fingers... Those lines took me into life, passed me through all the stages, made me see and intoxicated me...It was during one of those trips, I have lost my some irreversable place.


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