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today is just another lonely cold day without you.
i dont know how i feel;
or how to deal.
though somewhere;
some day i know i will heal.

A Loving Heart

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Across the miles, I've met a man
I couldn't believe he could be the one
With a smiling face
That I can't resist...

A soft voice, a lovely face
Gives me courage and brings me peace
The funny jokes and the laughter
It touches my heart now and forever...

Man with a loving heart
Tell me where I'm gonna start
Show me how to love you
So that I could be forever with you...

Oh man with a loving heart
Tell me if my heart is enough
To care for you, to cherish you
And to love you as much as I do...

Show me how to give love
Man with a loving heart
'Cause I wanna spend time with you


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I felt love, I'm so glad
I got hurt, I cried out loud
I moved on and opened my heart
Then I've met you on a dating site...

You, that makes me happy
You who made me cry
You are so funny
And you are everything to me...

You make me laugh in times I'm down
There for me when I need someone
Comfort me when I'm about to cry
And makes me feel that I'll be fine...

You cared for me when I was sick
In your arms you made me sleep
When I wake up you're there with me
You kissed me and smiled at me...

You're so sweet, I'm so happy
You're funny, I'm so lucky
When you're sad, I feel lonely

For You

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I don't know how much longer I can function. Knowing you're out there looking for me. Hearing your heartbeat call to me, demanding I live for you.

I don't know how much longer I can continue living this lie. Making love to him night after night, and wishing it was you. Knowing he doesn't deserve this, wanting to love him, wishing beyond hope that it was him that I burned for, but realizing that it will always be you.

I don't know how much longer I can stand this. Lying next to him dreaming of you. This faceless lover who possess my spirit. Not physically present, but refusing to let me go. This faceless man who has branded my heart, and my soul.

alone in my thoughts

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When all the noise of the busy world grows silent, no lights to be seen for miles around, that is the time when im shaken up the most. because i am alone and i know the thoughts in my head have no distractions, they'll start running wild and then i'll think of you.
i'll wonder if you miss me the way im missing you, or did time take its toll, are you used to being without me? do you use the distractions of the world, like me, to keep all the things about us off your mind? Do you still love me the same way you did, has distance made it stonger or did it fade away with time?
I think about our happy times the mid day walks, the late nigh talks, the way we smiled the way we frowned and how every argument ended in a laugh. we were bonded at the seems seems that couldnt be torn by anything, at least not for me.

Just thinking

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As I sit here thinking,
My thoughts always go back to you.
Remember how slow we took things,
You should have run when you had the chance.
Now look how fast we move.
We can't stand to be apart,
Atleast that's how I feel I hope you do too.
As I'm trying to write,
I only want to write for you.
I want to show you how I feel through my words.
I have a book to complete
But all I want to write is my love for you.
As I sit here thinking,
Now it's to late for you to run
You're caught up in it too.

To my Love

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I am writing you on the eve of returning to Vancouver. As you can imagine so many things are running through my mind. That is why I feel compelled to express to you how I am feeling. I ask myself where are we now, where will we be in the future and how will we get there. We have both come to an understanding that there is something more to us and that we need to be careful with it and take care of it and explore it slowly. The future holds no promises but promises everything in the same breath. Do we take the jump and see where is goes? I know I want to.

The one thing I know for sure is that I need to properly close some doors and start a different chapter in my life first. There is no doubt in my mind what I need to do in that area, I know what I feel for you is real and I don’t have any time lines in my head but, All I know is how I feel when I am with you and given when it’s the right place and time, there is no person, places or things that will keep me from the one thing in my life and heart to be true and that is you. No matter how many dates I have gone on or taken an easy way out it has not allowed me to forget you.

The Answer

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I’m waiting for life to pass by
I try to hide from the lies
Confused by whose foe or allies

Fight back the feelings I feel inside
Sick in my stomach from the butterflies
So happy but why do I cry

Together but alone forever
Whatever I need to feel for whomever
You’re my lover but why longing for someone other

Our fate, my soul mate
You have to create
But why chase the chase

My best friend, my companion
Their till the end
In love and when it’s all said and done, you’re the only one


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It seems that we already have to say goodbye
Even though we just said hello
But you have to leave my side
And yet your feelings barely show

You do care that I'm going away?
So why hold in your cries
Is there anything that you want to say?
Any words would be good right now, even lies

I am looking right through you
I know that you want me to stay
So then why do you move?
Sliding further and further away

I need to leave and not like this
Tell me you love me and that you want me
I can’t believe, it’s all happening to quick
I love you and I want you Terri

I have to go
I'll call you when I get there

Broken Heart

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I am not a part of your life. You cannot give me a place in your heart. If you could, you would do it definitely. You have the right to live with the person you like. You are genuinely good girl who got all the qualities I ever know. I can understand you.I think, I am a kind of selfish person who try to get every thing I need. I may be not good as you. Until i give up my selfishness, I have to suffer. I need your love, that is the only thing I expect in my life. But it is not realistic. My mind should be open to accept any thing. If I say, I am ok now. It is a total lie. There is no shortcut to come to that state of mind soon.


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