Muesli Platter

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Coming out of my lethargy
Feeling all drowsy and confused
Wondering when did this bowl of muesli
Get to my table

Put some milk in it or stir some yoghurt
My heart is torn inside
My mind a wobbled casket
Cannot contain anything at this moment

As the greater one said my trust is in the Lord
I lift mine eyes towards the heavens
And I feel no answer for me coming
I say hope deferred is cantankerous

Whirr, there goes my mind
Whish, Whoosh, why is my mind preoccupied
Answer me someone, where do I find my resurrection
For I am dead on my knees am I praying or am I despondent

Feeling doesn’t help, giving up no option
How do I move if there is no moving in my heart
Turn my heart, bind my mind
Everything works for good – Selah

My mind is full, my mind is messy
Clear it, sweep it, and rearrange it.
Hu, I am tired, I am burned out
How do I go on, this militia of thoughts
Has guns aiming at me

I can run but I won’t be able to hide
Fly, yet run out of fuel
Help someone for it seems as if me
I am my own enemy.

I see my plate of muesli, all mushy and inedible
It is healthy yet not palatable
My life, real, my life existing
But am I living, can someone eat out my life

Only if, there could be a seasoning for my plate
Only if there could be utensils for my plate
Only if there could be an urge to eat
Out of my muesli plate.

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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.