On a Holy Day of a Jolly Family

Saraswathi Pooja has come at last
Mother has made lots of dishes
The aroma has increased appetite
Now time has come for all rituals

Varieties of fruits on the huge plate
Innumerable eatables on vessels
Vadai, payasam, idly, et cetera
Dad is now readying himself

The greatest bliss in mind is that
We need not study today totally
Dad will never goad at all now
As Saraswathi is today meditating

Why not Saraswathi always meditates
So that Dad will leave me to be free?
The subjects are absolutely tough
Cat-like me carries elephant-like topics

What Dad is now doing without starting
So that I can soon have a great feast
Where has gone all the sloka books?
Why Dad has not memorized them?

Deepavali is far far better I truly feel
There no restrictions regarding eating
We start eating before one week
So we attend to crackers only purely

"Gokulashtami and Saraswathi poojas
And also Vinayaga chaturti have
Great restrictions that are incorrect"
In this way delay makes me think

I see my brother gazing at eatables
I cannot decipher his present status
But, I know we sail on the same boat
And Dad gives both of us a look

We immediately fold our hands
And pray for the pooja to soon end
Dad appreciates our Bhakthi with a nod
And I secretly look at the red kesari

The cashew nut is truly now tempting
And the grape fruit is superbly spread
Mom really receives my pat with love
I remember her scolding me yesterday

I took some dishes like a greedy monkey
Thinking God even did not watch me
But, my mother saw my action somehow
And chided me for my impatient behavior

The sad part of her comment was
She pointed out my great lethargy
In showing the same super spirit
In the matter of my School studies

Now father has started his lead role
He is carefully chanting all mantras
He finishes the pooja at the right time
May be he also feels like us emotionally

After camphor is sacredly burnt
I eagerly keep my hands on Vadai
And my father stops me soon
Saying the fire must die down

That gap reminds me Albert Einstein's theory
"If you wait for your very gorgeous girl friend
One hour will surely appear like just one second
Sitting on a hot oven makes one second one year"

After the fire gets extinguished totally
Father leaves the spot without tasting
And we brothers start attacking
We appreciate today's significance

But, the thought of the next day
Makes us terribly shudder really
As tomorrow we must study
And father will also monitor

Then stomach will give sounds
But, due to our boyish minds
We will concentrate wholly
On the present enjoyment

Until sleep we will enjoy to the fullest
We can somehow manage tomorrow
In this way many poojas were spent
Father's absence is today truly felt.




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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.