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Here i declare my heart in despair,
Looking for love that doesnt seem to be there,
Looking for love here & there,
O where o where when will my love be there,
So my heart no longer despairs,
Looking at the stars for that one shooting star,
So i can make a wish,
To remove that ache in my heart,
My heart seems to be in the dark,
Waiting for that one true love to bring my heart out of the dark,
Out of the dark my true love guides my heart,
To bring my heart into the light,
Now my heart is full of light,

Needed Peace, A Relative will Give

A relative will always be a true member
Our presence, he will always remember

He may not give money, but will give love
He is always ready to pray for us now

When our health is low, he will come to see
For our sake, to God He will make a plea

He will feel elated by our lovely elevation
All our success will give him jubilation

Our hardship when comes to his knowledge
He will break all walls building a saving bridge

He will visit us and not ignore us at any cost
He will stay with us to assist unto the last


It has been time since I last touched her
She has since recoiled into her stoney shell
Giving me not an iota sign of her existence
Leaving me with a huge void in my heart
Disappeared with the set of the sun
Where is she?

Joy oh joy where are you?
I have searched in so many hearts and lips
Reading books and listining to arguments, philosphy! Words after words after words...
Still it elludes me retreating further and further afar into the spaces beyond reach.


On this day my angel,my goddess,my princess,my queen was born,
On this day the world become a better place because you were born,
On this day i declare time started because you were born,
On this day i declare i love you with all my heart & soul,
On this day i declare because of you i want to become a better man for you,
On this day i declare i want to be a better future husband for you,
On this day i declare i want to be a better father for our future children,


It's forbidden love but i dont care,
This secret i must bare,
The love i wish i could declare
But my heart is so scared,
A heart in despair,
I cant controll the feelings in their,
This love i can't share,
No way would i dare,
The name i dare not share,
Her heart i dont want to scare,
Words from her i care,
They float from her like air,
Because she has so much flair,
Her soul you cant compare,
My angel floating in the air,
I really need her to be there,
My love how i wish i could share.


To the woman i adore,
Your heart i cant ignore,
Why is your heart hiding behind the door,
My heart is knocking on your door,
Because my heart needs you at the door,
So please dont ignore,
My heart knocking on your door,
My heart cant ignore,
That it needs to explore,
Your heart on the otherside of the door,
So please open the door,
Because my is heart knocking at your door,
So our hearts are not on oppisite sides of the door,
Now our hearts on the same side of door,


As the sunset starts to fall,
The cold we cant ignore,
So we light a fire before night fall,
As the fire starts to roar,
We hold each other by the fire that roars,
So we are cold no more.
As the stars sparkle in the night,
We hold each other tight,
As we hold each other tight,
We gaze into each others eyes in the moonlight,
As the moon shines so bright,
Our lips lock together through the night,
With our lips locked so tight,
We dance romantically in the moonlight,
As we dance through the night,

Marquez versus Pacquiao IV

On the scorecards, Pacquiao was leading.
Marquez was on the run, backing
And was looking for a perfect timing.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere
A thunderbolt from "Dinamita" hit the king.
It crashed against his chin.
A huge right hand that ended the fight.
No need to start the count from one to ten.
The "Nation's Fist" hero had lost the game.
But in this bout,
No one was to blame...
Not even his trainer Freddie Roach,
The hall-of-fame coach.
A loss was a part in boxing.
To Manny Pacquiao, hail the king!

Reply to a Mother-Message from a Sage

Your mother message is incomparable
To a mother only, everything is possible
God through mother is very easily visible
A mother's approach is always sensible

She knows what is to the child suitable
Whatever she does will be delectable
She will save her children from trouble
She only will make the pleasure double

Anything from the child is to her acceptable
She only will make father highly respectable
For family management, she is responsible
In mental stamina, she is really indefatigable

Dear Madam,

35 years of glorious service is very great
Your mind, your calligraphy does state
Good salary is there to finely compensate
And your knowledge is highly up-to-date

Your talent to extricate all from a mess
Is the main quality that you possess
For reparation all come to your address
You also innocently and kindly bless

Your daughter will surely get MBA-admission
If she works hard with a really true mission
To study further, you have given her permission
She must have got from you determination


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