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Manny Pacquiao by Alon Calinao Dy

As a young boy,
He lived in extreme poverty
And worked as a construction boy.
Even though there were no foods to offer
On the table and being a boxer
Was the only way to feed his family,
He never lost his faith in God Almighty.
Not a single day he missed to pray.
Until one day,
He discovered his special gifts.

Basic Life Support

Basic life support consists
A number of life-saving techniques.
Patients with cardiac arrests,
Improves the survival rates.
As you will learn head-tilt,
Chin-lift and jaw thrust maneuvers;
Circulation, airway and breathing
Are very important things as well.

In case patient is unconscious,
Check his level of consciousness.
If there is no pulsation,
Start chest compressions.
Every minute is important.
So never stop,
Compressing the chest
Until blood reaches the brain
and has enough oxygen.

I Am Alon Dy

I am Alon Dy,
Son of Mila and Tong Dy,
Brother of Kissy and Milton Dy,
Who loves his wife and his family.

I am a nurse
Who touches the hearts and minds of the patients,
Who stands and fights for what is right,
Who knows his limits as a nurse.

I am a dreamer
Who has always option one, two, and three.
I never quit, as it is not in my vocabulary.
Just because others throw their hands up and cry,
Doesn't mean I'll just leave it high and dry.

Dear Gre Pearl Gay

Dear Gre Pearl Gay,
I swear from this day forward
To think positive things only.
I'll do everything to make you proud.

Tha fact is I'm afraid to lose you.
It's too hard for me without you.
I'm sorry for the lack of trust
And that's the time when you need me most.

Dear Gre Pearl Gay,
It's not my intention to hurt you.
Please, I don't want you to cry.
All I wish in this world is to be with you.

Find Love in God's Kind Mind

God's love is the purest and holiest
To save all of us, He is damn earnest

God will function with great brain
He will confer a gain or severe pain

He will analyze deeply every action
And offer punishment or protection

He can never be just like that viewed
All the souls are by Him interviewed

He chases them like shade following
Every intention, He is surely knowing

A fool thinks that he is very intelligent
He knows not that God is very vigilant

Seize the Day

Her blushing visage,
a Morning Glory
opening to the sun,
her eyes,
curving jaw,
a harmony of beauty,
warmth and intelligence.
A creature of loveliness,
a joy to contemplate.
But alas,
not necessarily forever!
Carpe diem,
seize the day:
bask in the reflected
glory of a woman!


Long blonde tresses
framing her lovely face,
like a floating cloud,
gloriously streaming
over her shoulders.
She darts about
graceful as a gazelle,
tall and straight,
lithe and lissome,
a vision of loveliness!

The Glory of a Woman

Long, auburn hair
flowing in the wind
or black and beautiful,
its soft, silky sheen
cascading over her shoulders,
or Melisande
letting down her golden hair
from the high tower
of her exile,
a precious treasure.
Mermaids singing
on the rocky isles,
combing out
their long tresses
or the Lorelei!
My dear wife
whose once
waist length hair
is not forgotten
as she is not.
A mantle of praise
to the glory of a woman!

She Cures Me, When I Feel Gloomy

Dear, as you are there
My soul is feeling glad
Your presence is helping
To cope with distress

Your kind looks and touch
Are healing my wounds
Caused by many incidents
During day-today living

You will go away I know
Permanently after end
In case I happen to leave
I will await your arrival

If you book the ticket
For a journey to the Sky
Surely reserve a place
When I reach you later

I Don't Care, A poem for my wife

I know you want everything
to be so perfect!
You want to make
a special occasion
so really extra special!
I don't care
if you burned the roast.
It might be better if you didn't.
So don't do it next time,
but I really don't care.
I don't care
if you served my favorite dish,
I like lots of things!
I don't care
that where three or more
are gathered at the supper table.
somebody spills the milk
I don't care.
There is really only one thing
to make an occasion


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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.