Im ashamed
Isn't it ashame
Australians sending money away
To help people far away
Though they forget Australians in the main
The homeless in the laneway
Who starve everyday
Where is their brain
Ignoring australians in pain
Children in pain
Starving every day
Abused in every way
They should be ashamed
Australians who send money far away
Do they think australians are in the way
Because they prefer to help someone faraway
To allow australians starve everyday
Always will be in pain

“the note”

“the note”
I found myself falling for this man who was so beautiful and sweet to me when we were alone, but it never seemed to move anywhere beyond my bed.
I misinterpreted his actions for emotions and see now that I don’t think I meant anything to him. He made love to me then walked away – time and time again.
Eventually I had to admit the truth I knew all along. That he was using me and never would feel for me what I was feeling for him.

My Friend

You were so perfect to me
I would have given you anything
Just to keep your interest
I never pulled away from that kiss
So soft and so gentle
I cherished you instantly
Without a second thought
I wanted to be more then just an infatuation
But apparently I was just a distraction
I told myself "don't fall for him"
Time and time again
Not to let my emotions run too deep
For life with you may not be something I could keep
You made love to me, but only as a friend,

only love can hurt a love

when the other said goodbye

he only made tears inside

the trust that was with him at once

lost like a cloud in the sky

he could do no more

but only wait for a chance

the feeling then of love

eventually pained his love

Cage of Solitude

I am in the cage of solitude
I can’t breathe, I can’t move
I am alone and nobody hears
My screams, shouts and tears

I saw him walking away from me
I am confused, I feel empty
How will I get out of here?
How will I hold him near?

Out of the blue, he is gone
I can’t find him, I wish to run
I induce myself that he can still hear me
But stillness occur; tears flow suddenly

The Glass Heart

A glass heart
so fragile and frail
while the slightest touch
can send it a sail
A wonder.. a thought
interjects in my mind
ur loves knife stabs from behind

ur golden dagger
a deadly sharp sting
into my heart
such a delicate thing

It peirces my chest
with such a heavy blow
and rips violently back out
when u say hello

Dont mess with my glass heart
it breaks like swells among the water
stop saying i love you
it only makes things harder

Words to you

I will never forget you
Not your smile, not your hands,
I can’t really believe that
It is our end.

My feelings were strong enough
For two of us to love,
And my heart is crying
With the pain now.

Seeing you, feeling you
Meant so much more to me,
Now with all our past
I need to learn to believe…

Believe again in truth,
In happiness, in sun,
In tenderness and understanding,
In real, pure love.

bleeding heart

bleeding heart

My heart bleeds Not blood No pain or emotion, It crys like a waterfall pouring into the ocean, Not Broken By some witch with a heart cold as stone, Not rejected by a temptress left buried alone, My heart bleeds desire a pleasent emotion, a dreaming fascination that lead to explosion, I gave you my heart and you held on to it forever, and now that its yours may our love bleed forever


My Heart is Hurting
My soul don't work
my feet can't feel no life
my fet hurt my soul burn life fire.
My soul don't have no open space to the door.
My eye are red I cry in cry for help
til there nothing left my pain don't come
arcoss to my fear is near my hope is open
my faith is gone My eye's are here my faith don't come to me. In til I can fly I
gave my all to the one I love here in now.

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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.