dont let my daughter forget

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the love i feel for you is so easy to express
all you want is love and you shall get nothing less
around you i can be myself there's no need to impress
but without you around me im bound to make a mess
i need you back in my life i cannot cope with this stress
feeling i have let you down and it cause me distress
i would if i could but im not aloud any access
i have not made it easy for you this i confess
i want you to be proud of me for being a success
tell ya friends im a great daddy that im the best
but its gonna be too late cos im going on a quest
to a nasty place somewhere where im like the rest

dont worry

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what i keep thinking is everyone has made a mistake
so why should i stop loving you the first one you make
and the answer that i get every single morning when i awake
if that dick would of wanted u id have definitely got the shake
cos lets be fair how much of this relationship has not been fake
we made the right decision which is best for summers sake
accept her daddy's never there to tuck her in or when she wakes
she is forgetting all bout me that's a risk that u would take
ya like a toothache an ugly pain and you constantly frustrate
causing me as much trouble how much more can you create

why did i pursue

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i have just found out something that i couldn't ignore
i shouldn't of pursued it cos this woman i adore
but if i didn't then i wouldn't ever know the truth for sure
my instincts told me that she was a cheating little whore
finding several different reasons but i needed to know the score
so when she would go to work id start to explore
checking all her trousers also searching in the drawers
i asked her on odd occasions she was innocent she swore
i loved you when i met you and now i love you even more
i bought it everytime time but was always unsure
i found marks in ya trousers she claimed they'd been there before

ups and downs

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i remember the 13th of June standing by her bedside
excruciating pain the more pressure she applied
i couldn't control my excitement however hard i tried
i could feel both nerves and happiness building up inside
then i saw her head my eyes were opened wide
when i saw our daughter my emotions i couldn't hide
i didn't even intend it it but i swear to you i cried
i was asked to cut the cord yes was what i replied
never in my life have i been so full of pride
for the two most beautiful sitting at my side
for hours our baby was nameless we was yet to decide
we both like the name summer was what she implied

im sorry summer

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the anger and the hurt i can barely contain
one hundred thousand thoughts surging round my brain
the same fucking thoughts over and over again
should i hurt the one responsible make him feel my pain
should i just leave it and deal with this strain
should i take a Stanley blade slice it through a vein
ill right it in my poem as its easier to explain
right now the latter sounds the best which i wouldn't entertain
i took the wrong option now she has me dangling by a chain
not being able to see my daughter is driving me insane
just remember my little summer my love will always remain
till i take my last breath and im laying in the ground

Love-Loss Due To Immoral Laws

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Love is the safest drug
That can be ever trusted
By time it is strongly tested
Nothing can match a hug

A person who loves shines
With eyes bright like stars
If love of a soul is farce
Justice on Earth declines

Today giving a love expression
And tomorrow totally changing
Is equivalent to cruelly avenging
An innocent soul with aggression

Heart will get the worst shock
If a person becomes a cheat
As one confuses heart-beat
By planning to away walk

If love is not thick, but thin
Better to get out of its way
And escape from its bad sway
Then only peace comes in

O-Love- The miraculous remedy

My Testimony

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Everything happens for a reason,
That is what we say.
And I want to keep believing,
But why do I feel this way?

My destiny is already set.
God has already made my fate.
That is why I live without regret.
So why do I feel this way?

We say that if it's meant to be.
Then in time we will see.
But why wait for eventually,
When we know our destiny.

You told me that you are afraid.
"What if it is just another feeling"?
I would hate for you to feel betrayed.
In something that is just another fling.

What if I said to you,
That I was a little afraid too.
Of loosing something so beautiful.

Set Me Free

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I lived without your love
But now I can't get enough
Forever a memory
For now and every day's destiny
I want you near
Without you I can't face the fear
I'm lonely and in need
And my only can set me free

i need a name for this one... leave one please...

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They say that when two hearts meet,
They feel the same love and also pain.
So I ask you this in secret,
Do you feel the same?

People live everyday with regret,
They feel they have to hide.
So I ask you this without threat,
Do you want to feel empty inside?

They say that the heart will always heal.
They think time is the solution to anything.
So they say this is how you should feel.
I say,"Let's change everything!".... :)


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Ive been waiting for someone like you
Searching and fighting trying to find you
You came to me with full force
And I left leaving us no choice

I would fight to see you happy
Because you are Something Special to me
Seperated by lifetimes it may seem
But Somehow you found me

I don't know how to tell anymore
The difference from life now and before
The hands don't seem to move on this clock
My time is at a stand still, tick-tock

But It makes me smile when you Laugh
And I'm glad for what we had
The minutes are finally turning to hours
Stay true to you, It's the ultimate power


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