So It Seems

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I see with closed eyes
You are so beautiful to me
I reach to touch but realize
This is just another fantasy

I smell your fragrance
It is so fresh to me
I move closer, I'm in a trance
Then I wake to this reality

I hear your voice
It is Lovely to me
I start to smile then it turns to noise
I have a love/hate thing for these dreams

I feel your soft touch
It is so real to me
I reach for your hand but I don't get much
I look up and see no one, so it seems....

If She Is Visible, Everything Is Possible

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Kind feelings which she shows
Give me joy surely unfathomable
O- Her eyes are so piercing
My soul dances in rapture

An electric shock body gets
O- My soft heart blooms
Enormous mirth permeates
Throughout my constitution

When she is by me seen
I get unbelievable energy
Her structure is so enticing
My heart functions hilariously

Her movements shame a swan
Her teeth make pearls envy
Her tender hands if hug me
To the point of bliss I will drive

Her vision travels in my direction
To imprison my whole personality
Unable to escape that lovely ecstasy
I just close my eyes imagining a lot

You Are My Dream

GregAlan's picture

My dear Genevieve
How do I find the words to tell you what your love means to me?

How do I tell you that your love is the reason that I breathe?
Or that the blood which flows through my body flows because you exist?

From the moment we first met so many years ago
The beauty of your face was forever etched in my mind

The sound of your voice, the way you felt in my arms, the look of love in your eyes
Would forever haunt my soul and whisper to me that we belong together forever

Now, How To Win Her Love?

mvvenkataraman's picture

Where is she gone please tell
Without her life is sheer hell

Why she understands me not?
Does she know not that I rot?

Her presence cures my mind
In her words Heaven I find

Why she has so soon left?
My bliss has suffered theft

She came like cool breeze
But, left me taking peace

Her presence I greatly relish
To mingle with her is my wish

Her absence gives me real torture
Giving to feelings painful rupture

The news that she is coming
Makes me do joyful humming

The news that she is now going
Makes me a sad human being

Without her life is an inferno
This truth I am sure I know

Broken Sorrow

Rosscoe's picture

I stroll down the night sidewalk,
Rethinking all that I may have changed.
Hearts I knew and loved so long ago,
Somehow now, I need to re-arrange.

Stopping under the same street lamp,
Where I chased so many thoughts away,
Why, I asked, did I have to hurt so many,
In that quest of love, in my yesterday?

People I hope to meet again,
And a chance to show my sorrow.
I can only weep for my past errors now,
Yesterday’s gone, it’s just today and tomorrow.

words alone

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There are rhymes to which have no reason
and there are many ways to say … I Love You
But words alone may never be fulfilling to the feeling of love
How we describe the love that we feel
Will never define the true depth of the love we bare inside
For time is a cycle which always remains the same
It is who we were, who we are and who we become that marks the hours
To all that changes, it is love that scares us, yet inspires us,
It is love that goes beyond words that we long to feel …

essence of loves embrace

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Like the sands of the hour glass,
I find myself slipping through time …
Longing to feel you near,
Wishing more and more to have you here with me,
Our hearts beating as one.
The sun doesn’t seem to shine the same when
You are away, but just the simplest thoughts of you keep the clouds away
I face towards the east, a lone figure in the rising sun
I face towards the west, a mere shadow of the day that has past …
A laugh, a smile, a sweet kiss, the essence of loves embrace
Takes me away from this place.

Shes Always There

Nikoshiana Flowerday's picture

Who put the warmth inside your heart
From the sparkle in her eye?
Who brightened each day like the sunshine
And was there if ever you cried?

Who showed you rainbows and sunsets
And pushed you high on the swings?
Who tended your knees when you grazed them
And taught you the songs you can sing?

Who held your hand when you were frightened
And pulled up your socks that were short?
Who taught you all about Santa
And all of the toys that he brought?

Who tucked you in with a cuddle
And styled your hair every day?
Who made the tooth fairy visit
With her own magical way?

Who still stands beside you

I Need Her Indeed

mvvenkataraman's picture

She alone can strengthen my will
My kind heart only she can fill
If she is there, I will throw away pill
If she is not there, my joy is a big nil

She can support me even in absence
As she can put into my heart sense
Through her I can tackle all the persons
As she has taught me valuable lessons

She only supplies me real determination
She can perform my sorrow's termination
Due to her my weakness suffers elimination
Only she stops in my mind all contamination

My personality is shaped only by her
She only glorifies my life's every hour
By using her name I make joy occur
Her memories make peace finely recur

Let It Be

Michael Pierce's picture

A star lit sky, the moon on the rise, A beautiful sight to see I'm sure ...
but I did not have to look upward to see such beauty
For I saw all the beauty
I wanted with you standing before me
A tidal wave of warmth washed over me
Just by the way you looked at me
A warm embrace, I took you in
Then you kissed me and I drifted off into space
I landed softly in a place that is almost like a dream
If it so, then let it be, never wake me, because I am where I want to be …


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