we can do it

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please read this song with full concentration
i need to apologise for all the aggravation
sitting hear in complete devastation
lets forget what has happened in every situation
i loved you so much which i say with no hesitation
you 2 were my world my only salvation
not feeling ya love no more is a horrible sensation
my heart has stopped beating through pure starvation
lacking the love it once had before this isolation
pretend ya in a dream use ya imagination
in a happy ending would i be joining celebrations
gg you got to believe you are an inspiration
always happy to help with no obligations
no matter who it is no matter their location
as for our summer what a beautiful creation
the best word to use is wonderful fascination
i know i could never live up to ya families expectations
the only emotion i use is utter frustration
beside me there will always be a empty preservation
waiting for u to collect and accept ya invitation
i swear to god that this is my declaration
declaring that from me never will there be any confrontation
at siome point very soon im down the police station
telling them the truth about all my information
nothing they dont already no but still some confirmation
taking my punishment in a secured incarceration
i never ment to hurt u both if its any concilation
if i had any one wish 10 seconds till suffocation
id forget about the past and find a new destination
where hopefully we would have a go at a reconciliation
for my baby girls

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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.