Wedding Poems

Посвящение Алле


Григорий Комарицкий
"Посвящения молодоженам"

(Для тамады - распорядителя
свадебного торжества)
(Обращается к гостям)

Григорий Комарицкий
"Посвящения молодоженам"

(Для тамады - распорядителя
свадебного торжества)
(Обращается к гостям)

Marriage Creates a Safe Passage

Marriage gives a life-partner
Whom let us lovingly honor

When we get a soul's support
Divine joy then we gladly import

When you are kind to a person
To your heart, that soul will listen

A woman is necessary for peace
To love her, you cease not please

Marriage produces divine bliss
Which is derived through a kiss

When marriage has happened
A route to Heaven is opened

Marriage brings great harmony
Denied even by a friend or crony

When marriage takes place
Life reaches the safest phase

Usage Of Marriage In Life-Passage

Marriage at the right age
Will assuage being an advantage
Sage-like spouse will encourage
Giving courage via love-message

Heart to heart talk will surely comfort
Smart love-techniques play a vital part
Impart affection to make differences depart
Shortcomings' duration must be made short

Mistake to heart, do not take
Break misunderstanding stopping ache
Make approaches without putting brake
Cake-walk is bliss if love is not fake

Thank the spouse by being frank
Bank upon spouse giving first rank
Flank spouse you and love, be not a crank
To spank or playing prank poisons love-tank

Bliss is the Wage for Marriage

Marriage unites two souls
Making living exciting
Both together face life
With love and deep trust

They share great secrets
And understand each other
They come to an idea
After deep consultation

Let it be the smallest thing
They achieve perfect unity
With maximum co-operation
They lead a cheerful life

They are seen by the society
And so they exercise caution
They obey all moral laws
And so they derive respect

They misunderstand less and less
They try to console the other
They create a favorable atmosphere
And always use love as a weapon

Marriage gives couple security

Just You

My world, my life, my eyes
My girl, is alright and that’s no lie

Love me, that’s all I need
I can see that love is reality

My mind, body and heart
You’ll find me at the end but you’re at the start

You finish me, I complete you, and it works
I listen, you speak the truth, no one hurts

We never fight, I love you, and you me
I write these words to you as you see

My eyes are closed when yours are open
I realize my guide is you from start to end

My soul mate, my beautiful
Why change or create a new

The Plan

The night is younger than before
I wonder what this could be for

I stare up at the sky
Trying to figure out why

What could make this night so special
What is this night going to unfold?

So I walked up to you
As I was planning to do

I tell you that I loved you
And I will always love you

So I turned around and looked up
This night is not special enough

So I turned around and gave you this ring
As I was planning

Special as it may seem, nights like this night
I wrap my arms around you and squeeze tight

Now it is the perfect night I was planning
It isn’t what’s up in the sky that makes a special night

2 hearts

When 2 hearts entwine, the love they share is so devine.
The power of the love will shine on through any darkness that may come there way.

Finding your sole mate is very rare so when it happens its a joy to share.
The love that you have for each other today i prey will grow stronger by the day.


Close my eyes and every night I pray
That I see the day when things will go the right way.
I´ll make you my wife,
I want you there for life.
On my knees with a diamond ring,
All the bells will start to sing.


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© 2010 Miguel Duarte.